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Cleaning up after pets part of owners’ responsibility

Published 10:53am Friday, October 25, 2013 Updated 12:55pm Friday, October 25, 2013

Where are all the responsible dog owners?

I am a long-distance walker. A significant portion of my daily five to nine mile walk occurs on Central Lakes Trail.

I am appalled at the amount of dog waste that dogs and their owners leave behind on the trail each day.

It is disgusting to have to literally dodge hundreds of piles of dog waste on the trail every single day.

Every day I see the same dogs and their owners on the trail and while the breed and size of their dogs varies, they all are missing one critical accessory … a dog waste bag. If you cannot clean up after your dog, you shouldn’t own one.

I am an animal lover and own two dogs of my own. My husband is disabled with a bad back and walks with a cane.

If he can bend down and pick up our dog waste, so can the able-bodied people I see with dogs who seem to think it is someone else’s problem.

Dogs should also be on-leash at all times and when you encounter a walker or runner on the trail or on a sidewalk, it is your responsibility to move your dog over and keep a short reign on the leash until the walker/runner has passed.

Dogs, no matter how friendly or well-trained, can be very unpredictable. Are you willing to risk serious injury to another person or having your dog declared a dangerous dog, simply because you weren’t responsible enough to leash your dog?

As a life-long dog and animal lover, I am appalled at the lack of respect I have seen from area dog owners.

You are the reason why towns pass such restrictive animal ordinances and why so many landlords refuse to rent to tenants with pets. If you truly love your dog, please clean up your act.

Miriana Ivanovic-Hoff

Fergus Falls

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