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Deer hunters finding success with realistic bale blinds

Published 9:37am Tuesday, October 29, 2013 Updated 11:42am Tuesday, October 29, 2013

CROSS PLAINS, WIS. — Deer hunting season is underway with archers hitting the fields and gun hunters preparing for their season openers in just a few weeks.

Most reports from state biologists and wildlife managers suggest the 2013 deer hunting outlook is very bright, with deer populations at or above target levels.

Despite the positive outlook, however, deer hunters will once again face the age-old challenge of getting close enough to have deer within a safe and high percentage shooting range—without being detected first.

A cleverly designed new style of ground blind is helping hunters do just that. Fashioned to look exactly like round bales of hay that dot the nation’s agricultural landscape, “Bale Blinds” are enabling hunters to get much closer to deer than is typically possible with traditional ground blinds.

“We have a growing list of hunters who have taken their lifetime personal best buck from our hay Bale Blinds,” said Tim Noll, owner of Blind Ambition Bale Blinds in Cross Plains, Wis. “That’s really the most exciting part. To date, more than 60 hunters from several states across the Midwest and Great Plains have taken their best buck from our Bale Blinds. It’s incredibly satisfying to hear their stories.”

Blind Ambition has been making round Bale Blinds commercially for three years. According to Noll, a retired farmer and avid hunter himself, the idea to develop a blind modeled after a round hay bale was initially just for personal usage. But following his own success taking trophy whitetail from the Bale Blind and a growing interest from fellow hunters, Noll decided to further engineer his design and hand-craft the blinds for others.

“There are a number of great benefits with hay Bale Blinds,” said Noll. “First and foremost, deer simply aren’t spooked by or afraid of the blinds because the vast majority of deer have seen round hay bales in their territorial range.

“The blinds are inherently safer than hunting from a tree stand and much more comfortable. Hunters can sit for longer periods of time without becoming fatigued and since they’re fully covered, it’s easier to move around without worrying about being detected. The blinds have excellent scent containment, are large enough to fit two people and are perfect for filming hunts.”

Noll added that Bale Blinds are wheelchair accessible and well-suited for handicapped hunters or those with limited mobility.

Blind Ambition Bale Blinds come in three sizes and according to Noll they are the most effective, realistic hunting blind on the market. The frames are built from a combination of aluminum and galvanized metal and the outer coverings made from a proprietary blend of natural fibers bonded to a durable black water-repellant-lining fabric. The blankets have quick-connect cords to make it convenient to remove the coverings in the off season for increased longevity.

Noll said using the Bale Blinds in a food plot or a harvested crop field allows for hunting out in the open where trophy deer are often seen but impossible to approach. “This is just one of the ways hunters have positioned the blinds for better access and proximity to deer.”


Comfortable chair for a long sit

Recognizing the need for a lightweight and portable hunting chair that’s quiet, comfortable and sturdy, Blind Ambition recently introduced the Blind King Hunting Chair. “It’s great to have a good blind that keeps you well-covered, but if you’re not comfortable you won’t sit as long and you’re less likely to really focus on hunting while you’re in the blind,” said Noll. “We’ve designed this chair to be dead quiet and strong as an oak tree. It’s the perfect complement to a Bale Blind.”

The Blind King Hunting Chair comes in two models, standard (8.5 lbs.) and deluxe (10.5 lbs.) Both models have a 400 lb. weight capacity, adjustable legs and are collapsible for easy transport. The standard model has a fixed seat position. The deluxe model features a swivel seat. Both products come with a lifetime guarantee.

Blind Ambition Bale Blinds and Blind King Hunting Chairs are made entirely in the USA. For more information including hunting video footage visit the Blind Ambition website, and Facebook page, or call 888-317-7355.


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