Employee used company card for personal use

Published 11:36am Friday, October 4, 2013

A Fergus Falls man was sentenced to prison time for using a company credit card for more than $3,000 in personal expenses.

Eric Carlton Jacobson, 35, was sentenced Sept. 30 in Otter Tail County District Court to 21 months in prison for felony theft by swindle.

According to the criminal complaint, Vision Concepts Landscaping in Fergus Falls reported in November 2012 that Jacobson used the company credit card for unauthorized, non-company related purchases. He reportedly used the card to pay for Direct TV bills, iTunes charges, cigarettes, lottery tickets and pop. The charges totaled $3,077.79.

  • Ron

    Baby you can drive my car. Yes I’m gonna be a star.

  • Richard Olson

    My comment has nothing to do with this article/story, but I have to post it someplace and this is as good as another.

    Someone enlighten me….what school of advertising is it that says using the ugliest, most repulsive and hideous examples of the human species one could scrape from the grease pit of a slug barbeque will cause consumers to buy your product?

    The most recent example of an ad that nearly cost me my lunch is the one on these pages about “toe nail fungus”. Which shows some poor souls foot in the advanced stages of cancer, leprosy, and who knows what else, in addition to what is supposed to be toe nail fungus. I don’t know what the ad is selling because I look away as quickly as possible. It’s disgusting and revolting, if my foot looked like that I’d go hide in the George Bush reading library where no one would ever find me.

    Think about what must transpire in the mind of the advertising genius who designed that ad. Think about the guys poor mother when she’s talking to other mothers at their quilting class. “So Martha, what’s little Johnnie up to these days?” “Oh he makes internet advertising about toe nail fungus, which makes people puke”. “You must be so proud Martha” “Yes it’s nice to know all those years of scrimping and saving so Johnnie could go to Harvard and get his business degree didn’t go to waste”.

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I think little Johnnie has a brain fungus.

  • Jan

    Laugh Out Loud, Richard.

  • sean_oreilly

    and a christian

  • Walt Henry

    Psalm 19:14 Not for just a Sunday morning. :) If someone has taken my words to be “trite” insults or they believe I have called them an inappropriate name it is likely it is the result of an inaccurate interpretation of what I have written. I write of math, facts, science and history. I understand there are those who enjoy creating the finely turned phrase; an attempt at comedic humor and that’s fine. But underneath it all there seems to a struggle now within one of our political parties that is having the effect of making us something less than we might be. I see the distortions of reality and the creation of “facts” generated only within a minds of a few who wish to control the soul of our country to be disingenuous at best and treason at worst.

  • R

    Funny, There’s No Richard Olson listed in the Phone Book either. Your mind is still at Larry’s…
    …laugh out loud…

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