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Myhre’s comments should have been unifying

Published 6:14am Monday, October 14, 2013

I believe your publisher, Mr. Myhre, has insulted every Christian conservative with his recent commentary article he has written (Oct. 6, 2013, Daily Journal).

Furthermore I believe that Mr. Myhre needs to apologize for his lack of understanding, and for his apparent anger directed at the Tea Party and the Christian Church.

As a Christian Conservative I want what’s best for the country, but I do believe that today our government has exceeded the scope of what our founding fathers had intended.

I feel that we should reduce the size of government, and that the people we elect should work together to make a better society.

I’m disappointed that our elected members are more interested in getting re-elected than working together and creating good policies that benefit all of us.

How does the rhetoric that Mr. Myhre threw at us unite us as a people? It clearly divides us. Commentary, especially words coming from your publisher should inspire us to be better citizens and inspire us to work together.

Let’s not blame any one side and try to act more as adults.


Frank Haataja

Fergus Falls

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