Published 1:40pm Friday, October 25, 2013

(First Publication October 24, 2013)

Summary of Minutes of the
(Full Text Available at the Office of the
County Administrator
or at under
Board of Commissioners)
Otter Tail County Government Services Center    October 1, 2013

The Otter Tail County Board of Commissioners:

1. Called to order the Otter Tail County Board of Commissioners meeting at 9:30 AM

2. Approved payment of the County Board bills as follows.

3. Approved the AWAIR Program policy effective October 2, 2013 as presented by the Safety Program Liaison.

4. Approved 2 Human Services contracts

5. Approved the Human Services bills and claims as presented.

6. Approved Otter Tail County Resolution No. 2013-54. (Right of Way Release).
7. Approved Otter Tail County Resolution No. 2013-55. (Right of Way Release).

8. Authorized the Chairman’s signature to execute two (2) Dog Bite Orders as follows:
Finding of Facts and Order Regarding the mixed breed dog, Harley, owned by Scott Rolland Sibert
Finding of Facts and Order Regarding the dog named Bella owned by Dustin Raymond Shepherd

9. Approve the Logo as presented as the official Otter Tail County Logo.  The motion also included a directive to the Branding Task Force to develop a policy/guideline for style and usage of the Logo.

10. Increased the tobacco license fee from $100.00 to $125.00 effective for the 2014 renewals.

11. Approved the LG220 Application for Exempt Permit as submitted by the Perham Jaycees for an event scheduled for Saturday, October 12, 2013 at the Cactus located at 43521 Fort Thunder Road, Perham, MN.

12. Granted the County Auditor discretion regarding the requirement of the Otter Tail County Sewage Treatment System Property Transfer form (exemption #4 of the form) for those documents that do not require a Certificate of Real Estate Value.
13. Awarded the Deadman Lake Field Access and Culvert Project to Barry Construction of Fergus Falls, MN at a quotation amount of $12,849.26 as recommended by the Public Works Director.

14. Approved the Engineering Services of Braun Intertec, West Fargo, ND for a proposed Bridge Replacement project (SAP 056-599-061) over Spruce Creek in Eastern Township at an estimated cost of $7,682.00.

15. Authorized the appropriate County Officials’ signatures to execute an Application from David Harren for cleaning a County Road Ditch on CSAH 46 about 2,150‘ from CH 141 intersection north.

16. Authorized the appropriate County Officials’ signatures to execute a Highway Construction Contract between the County of Otter Tail and Barry Construction, Inc. of Fergus Falls, MN for a Culvert Replacement project on CSAH 8 Northeast of Perham.  The estimated project cost is $35,875.00.

17. Unanimously adopted a draft Resolution of Support for additional financial investment into the State Transportation System.

18. Adjourned at 11:15 AM
Warrants Approved On 10/01/2013 For Payment 10/01/2013

Vendor Name     Amount
A-1 Lock & Key    $7.25
A’viands LLC    $7,343.25
Abbott/Cyndi    $34.42
Amerigas    $23.51
Anderson Land Surveying Inc    $1,200.00
Association Of Mn Counties    $623.74
Auto Connection    $848.34
Auto Value Fergus Falls    $11.24
Bailey/Loren K    $214.41
Ballard Sanitation Inc    $1,700.00
Beyer Body Shop INC    $522.65
Bob Barker Company Inc    $45.28
Bobcat Of Otter Tail County    $400.78
Boyer/Rodney    $394.50
Brandborg/Heather    $217.53
Brownells Inc    $506.84
Budke/Myrna    $25.00
Buttweiler’s Do All INC    $1,060.36
Carr’s Lake Country Supermarket    $66.71
CDW Government Inc    $17,382.37
Chemsearch    $682.57
CIP    $617,565.00
Citizens Advocate    $136.25
Code 4 Services LLC    $44.00
College Way Auto Inc    $752.94
Commissioner Of Transportation    $1,656.49
Commissioner Of Transportation    $150.00
Concept Catering    $331.31
Coopers Technology Group    $2,004.89
Crop Production Services    $541.93
Custom Earth    $2,997.00
Dacotah Paper Company    $271.57
Denzel’s Region Waste Inc    $374.40
Dex East    $17.05
Envirotech Services Inc    $5,611.71
Evergreen Equipment Inc    $9,081.13
Fergus Falls Daily Journal    $2,816.61
Fergus Power Pump Inc    $300.00
Flint Hills Resources Lp    $177,841.55
Frazee Electric Inc    $2,862.20
G & K Services    $1,056.48
Gabe/Richard B    $261.87
Galls LLC    $1,705.18
Gill/Marion    $239.84
Godfathers Exterminating Inc    $139.15
Goodin Company    $77.90
Grainger Inc    $67.20
Griffin/Patrick    $107.58
Harris/Michael    $303.12
Healy Holm Healy Marketing Group    $29.28
Herman/Crystal    $512.45
Hoff/Marland    $5,087.50
Holo/Sandy    $448.42
Houston Engineering Inc    $4,503.75
Independent/The    $224.60
Innovative Office Solutions    $133.87
Interstate Engineering Inc    $1,155.00
J.P. Structures INC    $411,493.46
JJ’s Company Excavating LLC    $330.00
JOBSHQ    $341.80
Jones And Magnus    $4,771.62
K.I.D. Leasing INC    $303.35
Kadrmas Lee & Jackson Inc    $5,400.00
Keeprs Inc    $66.60
Kelly Services Inc    $2,567.11
Key Government Finance INC    $8,788.78
Kindred Plumbing and Heat INC    $35,450.00
Kinetic LEASING INC    $752.40
Koep’s Septic    $65.00
L & O Acres Transport Inc    $17,526.94
Lake Region Healthcare Corp    $2,171.81
Lakeland Mental Health Center    $3,101.00
Larry Ott Inc Truck Service    $4,105.00
Larson/Bernard    $257.35
Larson/Paul    $391.68
League of MN Cities    $45.00
Lee/Thomas    $481.37
Liberty Tire Recycling LLC    $789.51
Little Bear Towing    $571.78
Locators & Supplies Inc    $447.18
M-R Sign Company Inc.    $184.36
Marco INC    $2,074.72
Marco Inc St Louis    $1,029.76
Mark Sand & Gravel Co    $38,117.14
Mathison CO    $71.97
Matthew Bender & Company Inc    $343.01
Mcgee Md/Michael B    $500.00
Med-Tech Resource Inc    $129.87
MEnD Correctional Care    $170.67
MFIA    $150.00
MGK Industries INC DBA OK Tire    $35.00
Mid-Central Equipment Inc    $19.62
Midwestern Mat Rental & Supply CO    $164.47
Mike’s Lock & Key Service    $439.75
Minnkota Enviro Services INC    $53.00
MN Assoc of Drainage Inspectors    $25.00
MN Continuing Legal Education    $115.43
MN Dept of Transportation    $1,652.10
MN Motor Company    $32.46
MN SCIA    $390.00
Mn State Law Library    $250.00
Moore Medical LLC    $81.92
Morris/Jason    $61.21
Mortenson/Kurt A    $479.90
Mueller/Anne    $117.69
NAPA Fergus Falls     $36.17
NAPA Of Perham    $9.71
National Pen Corporation    $176.90
Nelson Auto Center    $206.85
Newman Painting INC    $847.30
Northern Bank Note Co    $1,309.00
Northland Business Systems Inc    $204.85
Northwest Iron Firemen Inc    $128.25
Nova Fire Protection    $430.00
Occupational Developm Center Inc    $2,069.57
Officemax Incorporated    $151.40
One Call Locators Ltd    $352.04
Otter Electric LLC    $602.86
Otter Tail Co Detention Facility    $828.00
Ottertail Bakery    $69.17
Ottertail Trucking Inc    $49,029.22
Ottertail/City Of    $13,216.80
Pace Analytical Services Inc    $290.70
Park Region Co Op    $424.95
Parkers Prairie/City Of    $325.00
Pebble Lake Auto Repair    $3,182.26
Pemberton Sorlie Rufer Ker PLLP    $27,528.91
Perham Area EMS    $670.00
Perham Health    $18.00
Perham Sand & Gravel    $825.00
Pete’s Amoco    $83.09
Pete’s Body Shop & Towing    $251.69
Phillipe Law Office    $690.90
Pitney Bowes    $1,076.00
PMR INC    $70.84
Powerphone INC    $1,065.00
Precise MRM LLC    $810.70
Premium Waters Inc    $36.26
Price Family Construction    $166.00
Productive Alternatives Inc    $140.69
Professional Portable X-RAY INC    $150.00
Public Agency Training Council    $425.00
Quill Corporation    $544.61
RDO Truck Centers    $4,891.65
Red Horse Ranch Arena Inc    $1,000.00
Renewable Resource Consuls LLC    $98,557.26
Rental Store/The    $947.92
Ringdahl Ambulance INC    $300.00
Ripley’s INC    $435.00
Royal Tire Inc    $1,300.07
Rubber Stamp Champ    $47.97
Ruttgers Bay Lake Lodge    $447.40
S & S Construction    $3,850.00
S.W.Inc    $675.00
Sand Creek Group Ltd/The    $2,733.90
SBLC FF    $45.15
Schierer/Steve    $328.40
Schoeneberger Funeral Home    $500.00
Schwartz/Robert E    $294.65
Sell Hardware INC    $171.80
Service Food Super Valu    $74.09
Sewer Service    $160.00
SRF Consulting Group INC    $727.20
Staples Advantage    $350.37
Steins Inc    $2,670.73
Steussy Diesel INC    $1,483.57
Stewart’s Tree & Lawn Service LLC    $587.81
Strategic Equipment And Supply    $153.14
Streichers    $562.34
SUPERCARS    $154.79
SWANA    $195.00
Synergy Graphics    $1,717.90
Tactical Solutions    $1,212.88
Thompson Reuters-West    $3,225.60
Thrifty White Pharmacy    $1,108.61
Thrifty White Pharmacy    $149.24
TNT Repair INC    $3,751.23
Tranquility Building Services    $454.22
Uggerud/Ward    $247.18
Uniforms Unlimited INC    $664.84
Van’s Flags & Flagpoles    $173.41
VFW Post 612    $120.00
Victor Lundeen Company    $43.30
Wass/David F    $554.11
Waste Management    $74,315.57
Wilson/Warren R    $213.28
Wonderlich Attorney/Scott    $2,125.00
World Medical Governme Solutions    $756.16
Wothe/Luke    $73.08
Yellow Medicine Co Sheriff Office    $75.00
Ziegler Inc    $3,355.61
Final Total:    $1,748,075.48

Publication Date: October 24, 2013.

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