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Healthcare takeover will undo our free nation

Published 4:02am Monday, November 18, 2013 Updated 6:13am Monday, November 18, 2013

There can be little doubt that the Affordable Care Act, alias Obamacare, is a massive and hugely divisive law.

One hopes that the health insurance exchanges such as MNsure, are successful. But, that won’t be easy.

If you recall, the Minnesota Employees Insurance Program (MEIP) tried to bring health insurance coverage to employers with as few as two employees — only to go broke in less than four years because the pool was made up of high cost enrolees.

The new exchanges have measures to prevent that kind of failure, but they are dependent on young, healthy people to enroll.

And will fine those who do not purchase insurance.

Therein is perhaps a fatal flaw, as it beggars reason to understand why young healthy people will do this voluntarily.

The exchanges seem to provide smooth shifts between group and individual insurance markets, even for persons with serious pre-existng medical problems, but such protection comes at a higher price.

The exchanges can only succeed if healthy people are forced to subsidize the new “less expensive” policies.

Persons who exult at finding “cheap” policies with only $99 premiums fail to acknowledge that those low premiums are being subsized three or four times over by other people.

None of this was ever explained to the American people by President Obama or the Democrats who passed the legislation.

Is this a fair system which forces young, lower income people to subsidize the costs of  unhealthy higher income people? Would a means tested premium structure to lessen the burden on younger workers be a fair approach?

Come 2014, will young healthy people like or tolerate premiums for government designed health plans too expensive for them to buy?  Will they enjoy being fined if they remain without the expensive government insurance?

The supporters of Obama and his fellow Democrats gave the presidency and Senate to people who think they have the ability to make better plans for the lives of their supporters than  their supporters can.

And, they are prepared to use the police power of the state to force you to comply.

This takeover of health care by a strong central government will be the undoing of our once free nation.

I have already seen friendships and families driven by the pressures this unholy Act  bring to bear on people of different generations, and the worst is yet to come after the beginning of 2014.


Jerome Mullins

Fergus Falls


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