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Buzz words get overuse in English language [UPDATED]

Published 10:38am Friday, December 13, 2013 Updated 12:46pm Friday, December 13, 2013

Let’s be honest, lots of us are guilty of the occassional use of these trendy words we refer to as “buzz words.”

But can we agree that lately we’re seeing a small group of these buzz words getting far more use than one would imagine possible.

Let’s start with journey. Previously a journey might have been a vacation to China, an African safari or maybe a trip back to where you grew up.

Now a journey could be a diet your on, a day shopping at the mall, or maybe a change in your hair style. Journeys just aren’t what they used to be.

Remember when we liked something? Not anymore. Now we embrace it. Sounds a bit more impressive if we embrace it instead of just liking it.

Now that I think of it, the word “like” might just be a candidate for removal from the english language. Have you noticed that if we’re not embracing something we really have a passion for it.

We sure have gotten passionate lately haven’t we? It has become a bore just to simply like something.

This next one is associated with business and politics. Let’s hear it for being transparent. Where did this one come from? Never heard it before, now it’s quickly become a favorite with our politicians and business leaders.

Have to admit it,” transparency,” now that’s impressive. Sounds much better than just saying “Let’s make this clear and understandble.”

This phenomenon isn’t limited to just single words. Let’s take our love of the expression “at the end of the day.” Can we ever go a day without hearing this one?

What especially annoying is how so many users actually seem to believe they are being clever and profound.

And how about when they deliver it? They want us to somehow believe they just came up with it for the first time.

If “at the end of the day” doesn’t do it for you, try “on the same page” or “having said that.” Though not as popular, they are usually acceptable.

One last thought — is there anything that hasn’t gone viral?


Dale Cermak

Rush City

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