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Quality Toyota Sports Spotlight: Rausch: Four surface phenom

Published 9:58am Thursday, December 5, 2013

Not many athletes can make the claim that they lettered in four sports during high school. A standout soccer player in the fall, who also kicks on the football team, hockey captain and state tennis competitor, there seems to be little that Otter Sam Rausch can’t do.

I sat down with him to talk about his busy athletic life and the other activities that fill his day.

Q: What is your favorite subject in school?

A: History.

Q: Do you have any idea what you want to study in college?

A: Probably business administration at Bemidji State.

Q: Out of all the sports you play, what is your favorite?

A: Hockey for sure. I grew up with it. I started playing when I was three and loved it. I just had a thing for it.

Q: What other activities do you participate in?

A: Choir. I also help with the little guys out here in the hockey program sometimes.

Q: What hockey team do you follow?

A: The Wild, then after that it’s the Penguins. For college, it’s the Gophers all the way.

Q: What are some of your hobbies outside of sports?

A: Hunting and doing things outdoors.

Q: What types of things do you like to do outdoors?

A: I hunt geese, duck, pheasant, deer, grouse, basically everything up north here. I go fishing too, bow fishing a lot.

Q: Any time you’re away from Fergus Falls, what’s something you miss?

A: I’m going to miss home and I’ll miss my little sister, Sophie, a lot. It’s also going to be different, but mainly my family and friends.

Q: Do you have a favorite food?

A: Tacos. Anything Mexican.

Q: Favorite restaurant?

A: Don Pablos.

Q: What is your favorite color?

A: I’d have to say maroon.

Q: Why is maroon your favorite color?

A: It sticks out to me.

Q: What would you do with a million dollars?

A: I would buy a sweet car, pay for college and a house, then I would save the rest.

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