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City right in not charging to line fields

Published 6:25am Monday, February 24, 2014

The Fergus Falls City Council made the right choice in not implementing a $40 fee to line softball fields at DeLagoon Park.

It’s true that lining the fields requires hours from city staff, which are paid for in part by property taxes, and that the fee would help offset those costs. That said, maintenance of the city softball and baseball fields seems like something taxes should pay for.

The fields are a city asset, much like the community arena, golf course, tree-lined boulevards and city parks. There are many out-of-town youth and adult players who see the fields, and well-maintained fields play a role in “showing off” the community.

In addition, there are many local residents who play softball or baseball, and well-maintained athletic facilities play a small role in retaining local residents.

Having to pay a fee to play could leave a bad taste in the mouths of both out-of-town and local residents, and that bad taste is not worth the small revenues to be gained.

Let’s just pay the tax, and let those who want to play ball do so for free.


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