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Kids will enjoy fishing from shore, too

Published 9:17am Tuesday, March 25, 2014 Updated 11:17am Tuesday, March 25, 2014

With open-water just around the corner, some of the season’s first fishing opportunities are just about here.  This is also a great time to get kids out fishing.

Remember the importance of shore fishing

Lots of times adults get caught up in fishing from big boats, for big fish, and using fancy gear. It is important to remember, however, that there are lots of good shore fishing opportunities available to kids across Minnesota and, that we as adults can help guide kids to those places.

Spring in Minnesota is, in fact, a great time to take kids shore fishing as lots of fish are in the shallows at this time.   Additionally, on these spring fishing trips, we can kids about shore-related cover like docks, trees, and emergent weeds that can be good hiding spots for fish.

Equip them with knowledge and skills

As mentioned before, teaching kids about how and why fish relate to cover is important. Just as important is to teach them how to tie fishing knots, how to rig their own rods & reels, and how to cast and use their rod & reel combos. With a bit of teaching, and some practice, kids of young ages can soon become pretty self-sufficient anglers.

Give them the right equipment

Being taught fishing knowledge and skills is important to the young angler’s development. Just as important, however, is that they start with the right equipment. A spinning rod &reel combo rigged with a slip-bobber set-up works well for kids for shore fishing for panfish.

With a bit of practice, most kids can quickly master casting and retrieving a spinning combo and, because spinning gear is what lots of adults use, this get them headed that way right away!

Catch some fish!

One of the best ways to get kids hooked on the great sport of fishing is by making their initial trips short, but successful adventures. For that reason, taking kids to ponds or other fisheries filled with panfish like sunfish, perch, and crappies can be great. These fish often bite readily and put up a good fight when hooked. Nothing is better for the beginning angler than to watch their bobber go down a bunch of times and to feel the pull of several fighting fish throughout the fishing day.


Mike Frisch is a professional angler from Elbow Lake, MN who is also a co-founder of School of Fish, a unique 3-hour kids fishing class. More information can be found regarding School of Fish by viewing the website:


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