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YMCA staff the best thing about this community asset

Published 9:12am Thursday, March 27, 2014 Updated 11:13am Thursday, March 27, 2014

Let me first start off by thank you for your service to the YMCA as part of the board of directors.  I appreciate everyone who gives their time to this very worthwhile cause and makes the important decisions you have to on behalf of our local YMCA.

I  love going to our Y and consider it to be one of the BEST things about Fergus Falls.  The class options are great and the new equipment is  fantastic.   I am now motivated to work out more often and longer because of them.

There is so much I appreciate about our Y but the thing that has impressed me the most is the staff.   They always make me feel cared for and appreciated.  From the moment I walk in and while I am there( be it in a class or on the machines) to the moment I walk out.

Today I was on the treadmill and one of my  eye glass lenses fell out.  I stopped the machine and tried to find it but with no success.   Stacey and Russ came to my rescue doing what they could to find my lens.  They went above and beyond to help me and I was so impressed with their kindness and perseverance in spite of the fact I am sure they had lots to get done in their busy day.  Russ ended up being the hero and finding my lens.

I was so thankful to both of them for taking their time to help me.  People matter at our local YMCA and  we are so blessed and fortunate to have a place like this in Fergus Falls.

I want to thank Tim for his service to our Y and wish him well as he moves on to Bismark, N.D.   He has done a good job and has always been helpful and considerate.

As I walked out of the Y today it occurred to me that the Fergus Falls  YMCA isn’t just a place to work out but is a place to connect with people, have fun and feel like you are someone special who matters.   There are not a lot of places a person can go  in this day and age find this environment and culture.

So in closing I want to say a big thank you to everyone who has a part in making our local  YMCA one of the best around.


Vicki Jensen

Fergus Falls

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