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Opinion: Super Bowl decision is ho-hum

Published 7:38am Tuesday, May 27, 2014 Updated 9:39am Tuesday, May 27, 2014

So the big news this week was that Minneapolis received the Super Bowl for 2018.

My response was kind of a big yawn.

Great, Minneapolis-St. Paul will get a Super Bowl.

What exactly does it mean to me, a resident of Fergus Falls?

Well, unless I want to spend multi-thousands of dollars, it’s unlikely I’ll get tickets.

If I really wanted to spend that much, then I might as well fly to a warm-weather Super Bowl location. Which means I’ll watch the Super Bowl on television just like every other year.

I guess if I bought season tickets, I could get in on a lottery for Super Bowl tickets.

But let’s face it, living in Fergus Falls, you’d have to really be an NFL fan to want to attend the two preseason and eight regular season home games.

We already have to drive three hours to get there, which means that, unlike Twin Cities residents, attending a Vikings game means either spending money on a hotel and restaurants or having a six-hour round-trip drive in one day. Such a drive takes

much of the fun out of attending a three-hour game, probably from the cheap seats, especially if they lose.

I’d rather watch it at home, where we get great seats, and the opportunity to turn the game off if it isn’t worth watching.

Super Bowl enthusiasts tout the economic benefits. Economists say it’s about $120 million. I would bet Fergus Falls businesses won’t see a dime of that, unless a Super

Bowl attendee is driving from, say, Seattle and buys gas, eats out or spends a night here along the way.

I guess we’ll get some payback for the new $1 billion stadium, which we’ll all be paying for one way or another.

In fact, considering the commissioner of the NFL came here to basically strong-arm the Legislature to pass a stadium bill, if Minneapolis hadn’t been awarded a Super Bowl, it would have been a rip-off.

We in rural Minnesota will have only limited benefit to the stadium in the first place.

I admit, if the Vikings make the Super Bowl, I might be more interested. Of course, I’d rather see that happen before 2018. But I’ll take anything at this point.


• • •


So looking at the forecast, it appears we’re going to be getting weather in the high 70s and low 80s for the foreseeable future.

What exactly are we going to do with ourselves?

We have all complained about the long winter and the wet, cold, dreary spring.

We’ve waited for nearly eight months for summer to come. After many years of so-so Memorial Day weather, having a three-day weekend of heat and sun certainly sounds nice.

Now, as you read this, you are enjoying it. Or are you?

Is it already too hot?

My bet is, people are already complaining about the heat, having to dust off the fans and air conditioners, and attempting to get into the lake water that doesn’t warm up as fast as the air.

Then again, it would be hard not to accept the hot temperatures, and, as former Vikings coach Mike Tice once said, “enjoy the season.”


Joel Myhre is The Journal’s publisher. Email him at

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