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Our Opinion: Money would be better spent elsewhere [UPDATED]

Published 6:20am Monday, June 16, 2014 Updated 8:21am Monday, June 16, 2014

In a vacuum, the Fergus Falls City Council’s proposed $230,000 City Hall remodeling project seems sensible. The project would allow for better access by residents and make the facility handicapped accessible.

Considering the other city priorities, however, the council would better serve its residents either spending the $230,000 on a higher-priority item, or simply giving it back to taxpayers.

There are many city facilities in Fergus Falls that are well used by residents — the library, the parks and the community arena to name a few. City Hall is not one of them. It is a necessary facility to house the offices of city employees.

However, few residents need to visit the facility, and one has to question whether, while paying a utility bill, they truly care where the front desk or the restrooms are located.

In the last decade, cuts in state aid have meant a decrease in resources for many city facilities. It seems to make more sense to use the $230,000 to improve facilities residents use and appreciate than to upgrade City Hall, which few ever see the inside of.

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