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Local actor starring in regional debut of Sasquatched!

Published 12:38pm Thursday, July 3, 2014 Updated 12:49pm Thursday, July 3, 2014

By Miranda Hubert

Daily Journal

Fergus Falls native Dylan Olmsted is starring in Sasquatched! The Musical in the Twin Cities.
Fergus Falls native Dylan Olmsted is starring in Sasquatched! The Musical in the Twin Cities. — Photo provided

Dylan Olmsted is no stranger to the stage.

The Fergus Falls native has made acting his career, moving on from community productions to larger scale plays and musicals in the Twin Cities area. The son of Dr. Mark Olmsted and his wife, Christine, Dylan has now participated in so many plays, they won’t all fit on his resume.

He got his start in theater with a community production of Tom Sawyer, in which he played a river rat. He still remembers his only line from that play.

“I kinda grew up with it in Fergus,” he said. “Got into it in eighth grade and haven’t really stopped since then.”

Fast forward to when he graduated with a BA in Theater from the University of Minnesota-Duluth in 2013. He then moved to the Twin Cities, where he had an internship with the Chanhassen Dinner Theatre, helping out with the musical theater camp.

“It was an enjoyable experience,” he said. “I worked with kids a little bit.” Working with budding actors piqued his interest, and he has gone on to teach some K-5 drama classes with Drama Kids International.

Right now Dylan is involved in two big productions, performing in the ongoing murder mystery dinner show Dinner Detective in Minneapolis and the regional debut of Sasquatched! The Musical in the Twin Cities area which premiered last week.

In Sasquatched!, Dylan plays the titular role of Arthur the Sasquatch and enjoys it very much.

“It’s a really great cast, we hang out all the time,” he said. “I have this crazy costume, it’s made out of mesh and yarn… I can’t put it on by myself.”

The musical was at the Sabes JCC Theater last week, and has moved to the Maple Grove Town Green Amphitheatre for July 6-8. For the remainder of July the show will be playing at the Old Arizona Theater in South Central Minneapolis. Ticket information can be found at the show’s website,

“It’s a cute little family-friendly thing,” Dylan said.

Part of the reason Dylan is having so much fun with this show is because it’s a musical, which is his favorite kind of production. When asked what his favorite part of theater is, he said, “The singing. I like doing musicals more than I like doing plays.”

He says of acting with others, “The acting, when you’re with another person on stage and you just let the words come out… you really have real connections on stage. When you’re both trying to make the other person look good, it’s when you have real chemistry there.”

Looking to the future, Dylan is hoping to stay around the Twin Cities. He has been auditioning for other plays in the area and says “There may be other things popping up soon, but I don’t know yet.” His ideal is trying to keep making acting his career. “That’s the goal,” he said. “That becomes your plan.”

To hopeful young actors looking to follow in his footsteps, he says “College is important. To do this, you need a theater degree.” He also points out that both making connections and being adaptable are very important. “Take improv classes if you can,” he says.

To his home community of Fergus Falls, Dylan says, “Thanks for the support and taking interest in theater. Theater in Fergus was an amazing thing. Don’t take those things for granted. Fergus is a really great music and theater community.”

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