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Farmers Market a perfect Saturday stop

High winds heralded the opening of Saturday’s Farmers Market, but that didn’t deter the produce vendors one little bit. It also didn’t stop people from ... Read more

Walk of honor: Relay for Life event starts Friday

Ask a roomful of people how many know someone who has had or does have cancer, and it pretty much hits everyone, said Darla Jacobson, ... Read more

‘Paint the Town Purple’ next week

Held in conjunction with annual FF Relay for Life walk This year’s Relay for Life walk will be slightly different, according to organizer Darla Jacobson, ... Read more

Jamming in the sun

Jamming in the sun

Nick Johnson, lower left, of Upsula, records the fiddle playing of his fiancée, Ashley Jean, of Sauk Rapids, as she plays “Devil’s Fiddle” during Saturday’s ... Read more