Erin Smith

Erin is the library director at the Fergus Falls Public Library.

It’s the summer of the sixties

Remember go-go boots, tie-dye, 34 cent gas and the political turmoil of the late 1960s? Or maybe you aren’t old enough to have lived it ... Read more

The life cycle of a library book

This week I would like to take you behind the scenes at the Fergus Falls Public Library. Last month, library customers checked out 25,450 items. ... Read more

Here’s a list of great summer reads

Summer reading is fluffy romances, suspenseful thrillers and anything humorous. The following titles are recommended by your friendly neighborhood librarians and are perfect for reading ... Read more

The Library: Kitchen or grocery store?

On Thursday, June 21, between 40 and 50 community members took part in community conversations about the Fergus Falls Public Library and the future. Each ... Read more

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