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Eagles make it official and select Wentz

CHICAGO (TNS) — At 8:22 p.m. Philadelphia time, Carson Wentz went onto the stage at the Auditorium Theater with an Eagles cap on his head ... Read more

Bison as national mammal heads for approval

WASHINGTON (FNS) — The lordly bison, long a romantic symbol of the American West, now has a lofty new title: the national mammal of the ... Read more

Gun control bills draw crowd

ST. PAUL (FNS) — A state Senate hearing chamber’s ample seat capacity proved barely adequate Tuesday as lawmakers received a double earful of input on ... Read more

Sano, Twins make it back-to-back walk-off wins over Indians

MINNEAPOLIS — After Tuesday night, the Minnesota Twins know that lightning can strike twice — but, at least it was for them. After seeing Cleveland ... Read more