Joel Myhre


Opinion: Really just 3 uses for smart phones

The other day I decided to jump on the bandwagon, and get myself an iPhone 6. OK, I admit it; I thought it would change ... Read more

Opinion: Slogging through mud a metaphor for overcoming life’s obstacles

The intimidating part about the Viking Crusade last weekend just north of Fergus Falls wasn’t necessarily the length of the run. At 10 kilometers, or ... Read more

Opinion: Hipness not needed at Replacements concert

I guess I should have figured The Replacements concert for what it was, but it surprised me. Prior to seeing this 1980s alternative rock band, ... Read more

Lackluster U2 album has me thinking

Thanks to some deal with iTunes that I don’t quite understand from an economics perspective, I was able to download U2’s latest offering (guess you ... Read more