Being 11 and at the lake perfect time

I spent last weekend at a lake cabin with a trio of 11-year-old boys. It was everything you’re imagining: wild, energetic, boisterous, rowdy and splashtastic. ... Read more

Ketchup or catsup, please pass it

We were out of ketchup — or catsup, depending on your preference. You say tuh-may-toe; I say tuh-mah-toe. The word “ketchup” is sometimes associated with ... Read more

Summer brings 84 days of 24 hour parenting

I love being a mom – 365 days a year – or nearly that many. Motherhood is a daily (and middle-of-the-nightly) event, but it’s right ... Read more

Mom on field trip has wish list

The end of the school year means one thing — besides backpacks sent home filled with crumpled spelling worksheets, artwork, pencil nubs and capless markers. ... Read more

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