Letter to the Editor: Pemberton a great neighbor

Richard Pemberton has been a fixture in our neighborhood, living next door to me 50 years plus, and I can assure you he knows more ... Read more

Letter to the Editor: Mininum wage, inflation a form of theft

An honest Congress can properly manage the economy by using the tools available to them, rathe than steal from their constituents directly and indirectly, to ... Read more

Letter to the Editor: Memorial Softball Tourney a success

The 2015 Isaiah Anderson Memorial Softball Tournament was a huge success thanks to everybody involved. There are so many people to thank I almost don’t ... Read more

Red Cross hit goal thanks to walk-ins, first-time donors

The Red Cross Blood Drive was in Fergus Falls on May 13, 14 and 15. The Blood Drive coordinators truly appreciate the donors who came ... Read more

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