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2nd blog back and feeling fine

Hello again everybody! (Hi, Dr. Nick). Two blogs in less than four days. I am also impressing myself. Well lets get back to chronicling my ... Read more | Add your comment

Return of the Zach…just in time for the NFL Draft

Wow what a crazy and weird last five months it’s been. For those of you that continued to check my blog during that time, I ... Read more | Add your comment

Short post 4th of July blog

Wow, I was gone for quite sometime. I hate missing blogging. Free form of expression and I get to do a lot more opinion based ... Read more | Add your comment

After what I have heard, I am ready to be a head coach blog

Wow, what a weekend here in FF as the Fergus Falls Secondary School graduated another class of seniors. My brother-in-law, Eddie, will now take the ... Read more | Add your comment

Post Memorial Day blog or how I learned to stop worrying and love the blog

I hope everyone took time out of their lives to remember fallen soldiers who fought bravely for our country over the weekend. I also hope ... Read more | Add your comment

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