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Opinion: Power tools, potatoes and bucket holes

Power tools and potatoes are on my bucket list. One I want to use. The other I want to grow. I’ll let you take it ... Read more | Add your comment

Opinion: How does tech impact us?

“Does technology free us or trap us?” This question came across my inbox the other day and caused me to pause. At first I thought ... Read more | Add your comment

Opinion: Tadpoles and a summer metamorphosis

They are waiting to become frogs. Except they don’t know it yet. They probably never will. The change will be so gradual they won’t even ... Read more | Add your comment

Adventures with our generator

Back in the fall of 2012, my husband developed a genuine need for a generator. He claimed his motivation was based out of love for ... Read more | Add your comment

Opinion: Getting away from it all

It starts as a slight twinkle in the eye, nothing more than a spark of an idea, the beginning of grand plans. Vacation: It’s more ... Read more | Add your comment

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