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Opinion: Diaries are an endangered species

Dear Diary, I used to write in you each night before going to bed. You were like a best friend forever except you’d never talk ... Read more

Opinion: Our frustrating new garage door

Our garage door was on its last legs – or better put, its last hinges. However you say it, the large piece of lumber was ... Read more

Opinion: Lounge at the park for concerts

After a long, really-really cold winter (one in which 20 below seemed warm), I think summer is finally poking its head out of the clouds ... Read more

Favorite celebrities share cancer lessons

By Margaret Barnes, MD   Feb. 4 was Annual World Cancer Awareness Day.  So what? More than 8 million people, worldwide, will die of cancer ... Read more

Mower karma keeps couple on toes

My husband went out to mow the lawn last week. The good news: he came back. The bad news: he came back after cutting only ... Read more

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