Teacher exams important but not a one-size-fits-all

Prospective teachers in Minnesota may soon have one less hurdle to jump before becoming licensed. The Minnesota House Education Policy Committee is considering eliminating the ... Read more | Add your comment

City right in not charging to line fields

The Fergus Falls City Council made the right choice in not implementing a $40 fee to line softball fields at DeLagoon Park. It’s true that ... Read more | Add your comment

Medical marijuana — Is it beneficial?

The latest Minnesota Poll conducted by the Star Tribune indicated that a bare majority — 51 percent — of Minnesotans favor the legalization of marijuana ... Read more | Add your comment

Commuters should use Fargo route

Transit Alternatives will soon offer residents an opportunity to commute to Fargo on a daily basis in a way that is stress-free and eco-friendly. Starting ... Read more | Add your comment

It’s time for a data diet

As the Snowden secret-theft scandal continues unwinds it should simultaneously become more obvious that the government cannot be trusted with anyone’s personal information. The obvious ... Read more | Add your comment

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