Road funding is a priority

As the 2014 elections get underway, more people are starting to pay attention to the lifeblood of our state: our transportation system. More media outlets ... Read more | Add your comment

Opinion: M-State needs the PR to go with the product

With enrollment down compared to recent years, it seems M State – Fergus Falls needs to find creative ways of marketing itself. The fact is, ... Read more | Add your comment

The Vikings get it wrong

While The Journal does not condone in any way what Vikings running back Adrian Peterson did to his 4-year-old son when he switched him to ... Read more | Add your comment

Our Opinion: Increased enrollment good to see

With help wanted signs all over Fergus Falls, and every industry from retail to health care to manufacturing looking for employees, it’s good to know ... Read more | Add your comment

Our Opinion: Foreign students boost Minnesota’s economy

Minnesota colleges have long been known for sending a sizable share of their students abroad to study, with four schools — Carleton, St. Benedict, St. ... Read more | Add your comment

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