Change is coming to Fergus Falls

What’s it take to move Fergus Falls forward? That’s the discussion of a lot of movers and shakers in the city in recent years. It’s ... Read more

Editorial: Patience for talks on teacher pay

Be patient. That’s our advice when it comes to the ongoing negotiations between the Fergus Falls Public Schools leaders and the union representing the teachers. ... Read more

If it matters to you, it matters to us, as well

At the Daily Journal, we like to believe we are upfront with our readers. It’s a close-knit community, after all. Here is what happened: There ... Read more

Editorial: Need a resolution for 2016?

We’ll keep it short and sweet. Here are five resolution ideas for the new year: 1. Add fitness to your daily routine. Many resources are ... Read more

Editorial: Country homes need bird feeders

Driving and walking around Saturday morning for the Audubon Society’s annual Christmas bird count, a few good men who cherish our fine feathered friends noticed ... Read more

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