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Blue House

Blue House [UPDATED]

Like many communities, much of Battle Lake’s history can be told through its Lake Avenue houses. “These old houses illustrate the very beginning of our ... Read more | Add your comment

IGC: Food 1-1 [UPDATED]

Dear Food-1-1, Advertising tells us that anything with high fructose corn syrup is to be avoided. My chemistry major son says it is sugar and ... Read more | Add your comment

IGC: Barking up the right tree

IGC: Barking up the right tree [UPDATED]

Tucked just off County Highway 111, a couple miles from Fergus Falls, is Canine Acres, a resort for dogs and cats. It features pet boarding, ... Read more | Add your comment

IGC: Gallery on the Go

IGC: Gallery on the Go [UPDATED]

“I get it!” Tami explained again. “Gallery On The Go” creators thought they needed to convince Tami Sirek of the benefits of becoming North Dakota’s ... Read more | Add your comment

IGC: Keeping a Sweet Tradition Alive

IGC: Keeping a Sweet Tradition Alive [UPDATED]

I’d always been curious about City Café and Bakery when I’d passed by it on Lincoln Avenue in downtown Fergus Falls – the gleaming Vitrolite ... Read more | Add your comment

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