Letters to the Editor

Why not put library in the Kirkbride?

Coincidence? I was struck by the juxtaposition of two items on the front page of the Sunday Daily Journal. We need more space for the ... Read more

F.F. provided fond holiday memories

Every year our family has fond remembrances of traveling to Fergus Falls for pre Christmas shopping in the ’70s. With five children in tow, one ... Read more

Heroes programs helped area children

The Fergus Falls Police Department would like to thank the following sponsors that donated to the 2015 Shop with a Hero program at Walmart and ... Read more

War leads to corruption

Historically, any war has given us congress people fraught with corruption. The honest people sign up with the military to defend the country in its ... Read more

Blocking immigration is legal

There is much wailing and screeching by the press, Democrat politicians, and liberals at large over the declarations of some Republicans and others who believe ... Read more

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