Bev Johnson

A fat and fuzzy pollinator

We all know that our European honey bees are dying off by the gobs and no one really can tell us why. Hives of them ... Read more | Add your comment

Save seeds, test before planting

Petunia is having a hissy fit. She is the kind of housekeeper who has the vacuum cleaner out before the guests are in the car ... Read more | Add your comment

Blue Jays — love ’em or hate ’em

People either love or hate Blue Jays. The haters because they have heard they eat other birds eggs and nestlings. A study done on 292 ... Read more | Add your comment

Itchy fingers symptom of ‘garden fever’

About this time as year, gardeners are getting “garden fever.” This is similar to cabin fever but with gardeners, it manifests itself as a frantic ... Read more | Add your comment

A different look for shade

Now that there is a disease problem with the common impatien, gardeners need to look for other interesting shade plans for that gloomy corner. While ... Read more | Add your comment

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