Bev Johnson

Opinion: Start the ‘second season’ right

July has been hot as fried frog and usually August isn’t any better. The garden is starting to look pretty sad. The peas, brown and ... Read more

Opinion: It’s time to talk tomatoes, early blight

Are the bottom leaves on your tomatoes yellow, splotched or even brown? If so you are dealing with early blight. Some of this is your ... Read more

Opinion: The garden you will never weed

Yes, there is actually one garden you never have to weed: a water garden. Water gardens are the perfect solution for the gardener who no ... Read more

Opinion: Dealing with abnormal trees

Perhaps you have seen witches broom in a tree. This condition results in a big glob of branches, obviously abnormal. Bunkey has it in his ... Read more

Opinion: Fungus necessary for a good garden

If not for fungus, we would be up to our noses in undecomposed lignin, the stuff bark and other woody material is composed of. While ... Read more