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Local caucuses: GOP turnout sets local record

Local caucuses: GOP turnout sets local record

To put it in the words of GOP presidential primary frontrunner Donald Trump, Super Tuesday was “huge.” But it was huge for different reasons in ... Read more

Local caucuses: DFL speakers advocate unity

Local caucuses: DFL speakers advocate unity

Despite the final vote of the Fergus Falls Democratic caucuses having more than 100 votes in favor of a candidate, the message of the night ... Read more

Rubio’s campaigning pays off in Minnesota

MINNEAPOLIS — Bombastic businessman Donald Trump called Marco Rubio a “little senator” while addressing the media while Super Tuesday was in full swing. Florida’s junior ... Read more

Sanders wins ‘very decisive victory’

ST. PAUL — Bernie Sanders won throughout Minnesota, and did it surprisingly easily. Sanders took Minnesota presidential caucus votes from farm country, the Iron Range ... Read more

Parties expect big Super Tuesday caucus turnout

ST. PAUL (FNS) — More than 250,000 Minnesotans could show up at precinct caucuses Tuesday to pick presidential favorites and make other political decisions. Chairman ... Read more

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