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Opinion: Wife carrying a strange custom

The St. Urho Finnish Wife Carrying Contest in Menahga was announced a while back. I think it’s over now, and I haven’t heard who won. ... Read more | Add your comment

Our Opinion: Life is like picking cherries

There are several things about picking my cherry tree that are, it seems to me upon further thought, a lot like life. Yes, it is ... Read more | Add your comment

Opinion: Thinking about all I’ve lost

I was thinking the other day (About this thinking, it was a special occasion; otherwise, thinking always gets me into some kind of trouble, you ... Read more | Add your comment

Opinion: Garage sales aren’t worth it

“How about next year,” My true love’s sister said to her three sisters several years ago, “we just give each other twenty bucks and forget ... Read more | Add your comment

Opinion: Signs used to be humorous

From 1925 to 1963, it was difficult if not impossible to find an American anywhere who hadn’t seen the Burma-Shave’s individual signs in the ditches ... Read more | Add your comment

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