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Opinion: Guy explains his idea of great wedding

Do you want to know what a great wedding is to a guy? Do you really, really want to know? Well, stay tuned. Here it ... Read more | Add your comment

Loss of ballrooms a sad trend

We’re just back from a wedding. My life’s experience with weddings has been one from a musician’s point of view: the wedding dances themselves, with ... Read more | Add your comment

Character was talented mechanically

Yesterday, I deleted Stanley B.’s phone number from my cell phone. I’ve deleted phone numbers before, but not for this reason. His brother called me ... Read more | Add your comment

Opinion: We are placed on temporary leave

“Please hold for the next available operator/clerk/account-administrator/technician/helpfulpersonwhoknowseverythingbuttellsnothing.” Life on hold, that’s what we’re living now. As if being placed on temporary leave from our lives ... Read more | Add your comment

Opinion: Wacky customs are ‘out there’

There are some really weird customs in the world. Here in the USA, we don’t go in much for really far-out rituals and behaviors, although ... Read more | Add your comment

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