Joel Myhre

Opinion: Soccer won’t be a major sport

It happens every time the World Cup rolls around. There’s always a panel discussion on why Americans lack interest in soccer. There are always soccer ... Read more

Opinion: Local links great start for kids

When I show up on Tuesdays for golf, I can’t help but feel somewhat intimidated. It’s hard not to, when I’m supposed to compete with ... Read more

Opinion: Fish sighting worth the trip

When we vacationed in Hawaii a few years ago, we were hoping to see the migrating whales, but apparently, we were too early, and saw ... Read more

Opinion: Super Bowl decision is ho-hum

So the big news this week was that Minneapolis received the Super Bowl for 2018. My response was kind of a big yawn. Great, Minneapolis-St. ... Read more

Yard is more than difficult

Mother Nature been annoying as of late. It isn’t winter anymore, but it also hasn’t been nice enough to golf or fish and actually enjoy ... Read more

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