Joel Myhre

Confidence with girls a catch 22

Lately, I have been getting into the show “The Big Bang Theory.” I frankly avoided it for some time, because, as a former engineering student ... Read more

Mountain skiing a test of ability

As I discovered last week, skiing is kind of a weird sport. If you ski on a slope that’s below your ability, you get bored ... Read more

Latest Vikings deals give hope

The last few days have been as exciting for Vikings fans since, well, the kickoff of the NFC Championship game in Jan. 24, 2010. With ... Read more

Critiques should remain a hobby

Film criticism has been a family hobby since I can remember. Oh, you’ll never see my family’s reviews in print or online anywhere, because they’re ... Read more

Perhaps council should run PLGC

So let’s get real about Pebble Lake Golf Course. I’ll be up front about it. I have been a member of Pebble Lake Golf Course ... Read more

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