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Opinion: Corner grocery stores remembered

Ask baby boomers who grew up in Fergus Falls about their favorite recollections of the 1950s and 1960s, and corner grocery stores are at or ... Read more | Add your comment

Opinion: 1955 FFHS grad analyzes education

Gregg Sinner, a 1955 graduate of Fergus Falls High School, is widely known on the East Coast as a renowned school consultant. He describes his ... Read more | Add your comment

Opinion: Welk still a hit with senior citizens

Visit any nursing home on a Sunday evening in Otter Tail County, enter a main lounge, and you’ll likely find several people watching reruns of ... Read more | Add your comment

Opinion: Pearson had glorious moment in 1990

The 1990 Fergus Falls Otter boys basketball team, honored on Friday, Jan. 23, were underdogs in opening round action of the state basketball tournament. Twenty-five ... Read more | Add your comment

Opinion: Remaining playoff QBs give back

The four NFL starting quarterbacks playing in the semi-finals this weekend, with the winners going to the Super Bowl, know they are blessed financially. To ... Read more | Add your comment

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