Tom Hintgen

Hedstrom appreciated school mentors

Gail Supernois Hedstrom, who for 21 years has served as director of Thorson Memorial Library in Elbow Lake, praises the many instructors who taught her ... Read more

‘Tis the season for loving lutefisk

This is the time of year when many area restaurants and churches serve lutefisk with potatoes, vegetables, lefse, beverage and dessert. Many people of Scandinavian ... Read more

Rosengren legacy benefits students

The name Rosengren is special to 15 recipients of the Chester G. and Jon Rosengren Scholarship for 2015-16 on the M State campus in Fergus ... Read more

Better days ahead for deer hunters

Hunters are seeing more deer this year as the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) continues its efforts to build deer populations across much of ... Read more

Fergus, Underwood tied to Trinidad

Spring 1968 found current Fergus Falls resident Terry Harrington and current Underwood area resident Bricker Johnsen participating in track at what was then Moorhead State ... Read more

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