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To the Fergus Falls City Council. Taking steps to regulate e-cigarettes is necessary, and we were glad to see that the City Council has chosen ... Read more

‘So God made a farmer’

With spring coming early and with the promise of a good planting season, it’s an apt time to show our respect for the local farmers ... Read more

Supreme Court nominee deserves a hearing

The Daily Journal is neither Republican nor Democrat, but we — the present members of the Editorial Board — do stand on the liberal side ... Read more

Agency can help sun shine on public data

This week marks the 11th year America celebrates Sunshine Week, a week dedicated to this simple truth: Open government is good government. Of course, unless ... Read more

Editorial: Daily Journal Thumbs

UP — To Otter fans. With the Fergus Falls boys’ basketball team making it all the way to the state championship game, local fans have ... Read more