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Our Opinion: Renovating railroad depot a good move

Hats off to Craig and Anna Gantner for taking on the Cascade Street Station in Fergus Falls. The former 5,600-square-foot railroad depot with charming architecture ... Read more | Add your comment

Our Opinion: Teach your children common facts

It’s summer vacation. Time to be away from education, right? Wrong. It’s a good time for parents to teach children common-knowledge lessons. Common knowledge are ... Read more | Add your comment

Our Opinion: Accolades to Hovland

It’s not often that regular folks have an opportunity to save another life. Don Hovland did so last week, even when it meant risking his ... Read more | Add your comment

Fourth Amendment finally gets a victory

The U.S. Supreme Court made a handful of high-profile rulings this week, from its decision to strike down abortion clinic buffer zones to its curbing ... Read more | Add your comment

Our Opinion: Bicyclists, longboarders need to obey traffic laws

Bicyclists, longboarders need to obey traffic laws It’s summertime, which means it’s time for another reminder: Parents, talk to your children about bike and longboard ... Read more | Add your comment

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