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Our Opinion: Spring is right around the corner

The temperatures this past week were below freezing — and below zero even. Cars were frosted over. People were bundled up when outdoors. Otherwise, they ... Read more | Add your comment

Our Opinion: Railroad safety is crucial

That governor we have sure knows how to start a conversation. Mark Dayton is right when it comes to railroads. State officials say there is ... Read more | Add your comment

Our Opinion: Anchor’s actions leave bad mark

As fellow journalists distributing news, we are disappointed to follow the story of NBC “Nightly News” anchor Brian Williams. NBC announced Tuesday it was suspending ... Read more | Add your comment

Our Opinion: Time to air issues in NFL

Now that the NFL season is over, we have a few issues we would like to, um, air: The NFL could avoid issues with the ... Read more | Add your comment

Our Opinion: A green Lake Alice has us feeling blue

Ever look at Lake Alice on Google Maps? It’s green. Now look at the lakes in Minneapolis. They are blue. We would rather see a ... Read more | Add your comment

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