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State struggles to keep up with broadband technology in Greater Minnesota

Imagine lacking electricity or telephone service at your home or business.  Admittedly, it’s a hard thing to do. Not long ago, though, the services we ... Read more | Add your comment

New normal on school closings

There is a new normal when it comes to closing of schools for weather in Minnesota, the fourth coldest state on average in the country ... Read more | Add your comment

Have a plan prepped for unexpected

The dangers posed by the Dec. 30 train derailments and explosions near Casselton, N.D., certainly is catching the attention of emergency responders, the rail and ... Read more | Add your comment

Kluwe’s kicks have implication on Vikings gay issue

The current Chris Kluwe controversy — in which the former Vikings punter accuses the Vikings special teams coordinator of making violently anti-gay remarks and of ... Read more | Add your comment

Taking a quick look back at a tumultuous 2013

Many of the events of 2013 burned into our memory have more to do with the political landscape that has resulted from a divided America. ... Read more | Add your comment