Details for City of FF - Ordinance 34, 8th Series

(First Publication Date: January 21, 2023)
WHEREAS, Chapters 154.003. 154.033. 154.034. 154.066. 154.068. 154.069,
154.074. 154.100 and 154.101, Shoreland Management Overlay District, of the Fergus
Falls City Code has been amended by Ordinance No. 34, Eighth Series, which ordinance has been duly adopted by the City Council; and,
WHEREAS, Said ordinance is lengthy and the Council has therefore determined
that, pursuant to City Charter Section 4.04, Subd. 2, publication of the title and summary of said ordinance would clearly inform the public of the intent and effect of the
ordinance; and,
WHEREAS, The Council, by at least four-fifths of its members, has directed that
only the title of the ordinance and a summary be published and that printed copies of
the ordinance be available for inspection by any person during regular office hours at
the office of the City Administrator and also at the public library where the entire text
of said ordinance is posted.
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the title of Ordinance No. 34, Eighth Series, is
as follows:
CHAPTERS 154.003. 154.033. 154.034. 154.066. 154.068. 154.069, 154.074.
154.100 AND 154.101 of the Shoreland Management Overlay District OF THE CITY
NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN, that a summary of Ordinance No. 34, Eighth Series, is as follows:
Section 1 amends City Code Chapter 154.003, Zoning Maps and
Districts, Shoreland management overlay district.
Section 2 amends City Code Chapter 154.033, R-3, Multiple-Family
Residence District, Uses by conditional use permit.
Section 3 amends City Code Chapter 154.034, R-4, Multiple-Family
Residence District, Planned unit developments, Administrative
Section 4 amends City Code Chapter 154.066, Definition of Boathouse,
Public Waters, Sewage Treatment Systems, Variance and Wetland.
Section 5 amends City Code Chapter 154.068, Shoreland Classifications
System and Land Use Districts, paragraphs C and D.
Section 6 amends City Code Chapter 154.069, Zoning and Water
Supply, Sanitary Provision, Height of Structures.
Section 7 amends City Code Chapter 154.074, Planned Unit
Developments (PODS).
Section 8 amends City Code Chapter 154.100, River/Stream Lot Width
Section 9 amends City Code Chapter 154.101, Shoreland Overlay
Setback Requirements
Section 10 provides for the effective date.
NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN, that the Council has approved the text of the foregoing summary and determines that it clearly informs the public of the intent and effect
of the ordinance.
THIS ORDINANCE was introduced on the 3rd day of January, 2023, and adopted
by the City Council of the City of Fergus Falls, Minnesota, on the 17th day of January,
2023, by the following vote:

Thompson, Rachels, Hicks, Fish, Job, Kvamme, Rufer, Kremeier

Andrew Bremseth
Ben Schierer
City Administrator
Effective Date: February 5, 2023
Publication Date: January 21, 2023