Rhubarb season

What comes to mind when you see those juicy red stalks supporting oversized green leaves? Rhubarb pie? Rhubarb crisp? Rhubarb beer? Probably not the latter, but don’t discount it too soon!

Outstate Brewing Company in Fergus Falls brews a beer infused with our favorite early summer ‘fruit’ called Grandma’s Garden Rhubarb Sour. This sour (beer that is intentionally acidic and tart, presenting a sour taste) glows a bright pink in the glass and bursts with tanginess. It is fun and refreshing without the overt lip-puckering that some sours pack. My sour-averse brewery-hopping partner (husband) even requested a second taste from my glass and gave it a thumbs up. The alcohol by volume (ABV) is low at 4.5%

If you are stradling the fence about trying a rhubarb sour beer, maybe the health benefits of rhubarb will provide the deciding factor. The Vitamin K and calcium rhubarb packs help to increase bone density and prevent or delay osteoporosis.

Further, rhubarb has been known to delay or prevent Alzheimer’s disease. As an anti-inflammatory, rhubarb helps to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. It even stimulates the production of red blood cells.

Try to think of a better excuse to drink beer.

Outstate Brewing opened on the banks of the Otter Tail River in the fall of 2019. Follow the winding path from the parking lot to its spacious tasting room overlooking the river. The outdoor patio with its rustic wood tables and trestle bridge view is a tree protected haven from the traffic noise

of Union Avenue. 

Visit Outstate Brewing on weekends for entertainment and food trucks and watch for other hosted events such as Pose N Pint – yoga with Wendy Billie.

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