What’s the buzz? MySpace. It’s back. Well, kind of. The wildly popular, customizable social media platform of the early 2000s has made a return to the interwebs via a homage site called SpaceHey. 

Here’s how the story goes. An 18-year-old German student had some extra time on his hands due to the pandemic, so he decided to dig into MySpace, which was no longer in existence when social media would’ve even been a thought in his mind. Inspired by the less toxic platform, the student, called “An The Maker,” utilized his prolific coding skills to create a clone site, nearly identically mimicking MySpace circa 2007. The site went live in November 2020 and has exploded on a global scale, gaining popularity by the day. 

I wasn’t an early MySpace user, but certainly got in on it when it was a few years old. Like many, I spent a lot of time being introduced to basic coding in order to alter the appearance of my profile. I changed it often, made sure I paired the “perfect” song, and spent countless hours browsing profiles of friends, celebrities and complete strangers. By the time MySpace was phased out, I had converted to Facebook and I didn’t miss my neglected MySpace profile much at all. 

Those active on social media are not unaware of the unrest surrounding platforms like Parler and Facebook. General disrespect is running rampant with users feeling bold while hiding behind a phone or computer screen or portraying an alternate persona altogether. Ultimately, social media isn’t the most positive place to be right now. It isn’t surprising that someone out there wanted to step away from the drama and go back to a simpler platform, so is it really that surprising that “An the Maker” went back to the simpler platform that kicked it all off in rebooting MySpace (SpaceHey)? 

Out of curiosity, I navigated to SpaceHey and was immediately slapped in the face with a wave of nostalgia. The login screen is a blast from the past, made new again for everyone longing for the MySpace that they knew and loved. (Or those who never had a chance to experience it in its original form.) I made a quick account and just had to chuckle. It is so much the same that I almost feel like I’m 20 again as I stare at the screen. I haven’t actually gone through the steps to fully create an account, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I’m considering it! Blurbs, interests, blog posts, customizable profiles, profile songs and playlists — it’s all there! I was almost convinced that I would click on “Friends” and that one of the two friends I had upon account creation would be Tom himself (but it wasn’t). 

Yep, sure enough, it has returned. It appears that the intended goal of having a less toxic social media platform has, so far, been successful, too. As SpaceHey gains media attention, people are creating accounts. This week, The New York Post ran an article on the platform in which they got feedback on SpaceHey from previous MySpace users, including Kelly Chaos, who once had over 800,000 MySpace friends. She shared that in three weeks, she was shown more love and support on SpaceHey than she had received in five years on all her other social media accounts combined. I’d say that speaks volumes about the new platform. 

I haven’t yet decided what, if anything, I will do with my newly created SpaceHey account, but here’s what else I can tell you about the platform: There is no mobile app. People seem to love it. It’s making waves. If you feel like checking it out for yourself, simply navigate, on your computer, to www.spacehey.com.  


Heather Kantrud is the Lifestyle reporter for the Fergus Falls Daily Journal.

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