The Victor Lundeen Company in downtown Fergus Falls announces the publication of a book written by longtime pastor William ‘Bill’ Van Dyken. Van Dyken was called to be the pastor at the Federated Church in 1939 … and continued to serve the church for 35 years, until he retired in 1974. He continued to live in Fergus Falls until his death in 1987.

Van Dyken’s manuscript titled “My Faith - You Can Think … and Believe” was completed in about 1985 when he turned his typewritten copy over to Ann Lundeen and her sister-in-law Helen Lundeen Whittemore to read over and edit, with his thought of sending it to a publisher after it was polished off a bit. The editing and proofing took another 35 years to complete before it became a book. It is now published as an attractive 90-page softcover available for sale at the Victor Lundeen Company bookstore for $15. The book contains 15 chapters, each devoted to Christian topics such as “Thinking about Faith,” “Our Bible,” “Prayer, Forgiveness” and “Immortality.” All thoughts from Van Dyken’s inquiring mind as his statement of faith. Clergy and laypeople may not all agree with Van Dyken’s beliefs, but his thoughts on each of the book topics may help people understand the Bible, and Christianity in a new way.

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