Can you believe we are already two weeks into 2023? By now, there has been plenty of time for us to create, begin and potentially dismiss our New Year's goals. Hey, life happens! Before this goes any further, I feel like I need to be transparent with you all. I do not make New Year’s resolutions (insert gasp). While I aspire to exercise regularly and eat healthily, for example, forming specific goals of “going to the gym five times a week” or “eating dessert only once a week” is not my cup of tea. There is one exception to my resolution aversion. For the past two years, I have made and kept reading resolutions; this year is no different. In 2021, my reading goal was to read 12 nonfiction books because I tend to overlook them when choosing books. Last year, I increased my nonfiction reading goal to 16 books. By October, I had only read six books and the odds were not in my favor. Even though it took me until December 31, I am proud to say I met my goal. Sometimes making specific goals can limit options. In this case, I had a purpose to read beyond my typical book selections which allowed me to discover excellent nonfiction reads.

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