The summer months are a coveted time for many when it comes to planning a wedding. I would imagine now that societal restrictions have been lessened and weddings can return to their former glory, there are hoards of couples who previously had to postpone itching to get their ceremony on the books. 

I’ve had an interesting history with weddings. Whether participating as part of the wedding party or attending as a guest, it seems like there has always been something that has gotten in the way. I missed every wedding one summer due to weird medical-related things. Once my son’s face swelled up until his eye almost disappeared. It ended up being from a cluster of bug bites, but I couldn’t tell at the time. Another time that summer I woke up with the stomach flu. I’ve had to choose between weddings and funerals, weddings and work, and weddings and vacation … I’m not even one of those people who has a wedding penciled in every weekend, the timing of everything just seems to collide and I end up picking and choosing while I spend the majority of weekends relaxing at home. 

This summer is no exception. I was actually pretty shocked that I would have four weddings during the summer! Naturally, there are conflicts. Two weddings conflict — twice! It’s never fun to have to have to choose where to go, but thankfully I have some pretty awesome friends who understood (without a question) when I let them know that we had family weddings scheduled on the same date. 

The first dual wedding weekend is coming up this weekend with one wedding in Medora, North Dakota, and one in Florida. I will be in Medora celebrating and catching up with my husband’s side of the family. It is certain to be a fun time, and you really can’t complain about the wedding meal being a burger bar! Am I sad to be missing out on the Florida wedding? Yes. Is it easier that they understood? Yes. It does make it better than they will be having a reception back in this area later this summer, so I’m not missing out entirely. It will also be livestreamed and recorded so I can watch it despite not being there. 

The second dual wedding weekend is in September. My cousin is getting married in Wisconsin and friends are tying the knot in the Fargo-Moorhead area. Again, we will be going the family route and, again, my friends completely understood why that decision was made. I will be certain to make arrangements to celebrate with them at some other time!

My husband and I faced a dilemma with our own wedding. Long story short, we headed to the courthouse with two friends, didn’t tell anyone other than our witnesses, and got married mere days before the whole world shut down due to COVID. That is certainly a story for another time, though! 


Heather Kantrud is a reporter for the Fergus Falls Daily Journal.

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