I am not much of a shopper. Going out to stores to score a great deal isn’t usually my cup of tea, but I will do it from time to time. In fact, I have tried twice recently, the day after Christmas and the day after Valentine’s Day, both attempts were a huge bust! 

When I was a kid, going shopping with “the ladies” the day after Christmas was almost a holiday in itself. We would head to the stores and hit up all the clearance, and it wasn’t just holiday-themed things that were marked way down either — there seemed to be good deals on just about everything! Any Christmas money that I had received as a gift was promptly spent and I went home with quite a bit more than I would have if it hadn’t been for postholiday sales. Even if we didn’t get to the stores right away, there were still ideas a-plenty. 

I went out the day after Christmas in December and I was sorely disappointed. I admit, I didn’t go out right when the stores opened, but I didn’t wait until evening either. The stores were all pretty busy, but it seemed as if the carts were fairly empty, as were the shelves. Not only were the shelves empty, but what was left on them didn’t have much for savings. About a week later I found a good deal on holiday-themed socks for women, but that wasn’t anything I even cared about. 

Fast forward to Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is quite possibly my least favorite holiday. This year, we had an out-of-town hockey game, so we did that and then took the kids out to eat. Our big plan was to hit up the V-Day clearance candy the following day, an idea the kids were more than happy with, because it meant they could get a bit more than they would have if we went shopping before that day. A great plan for a bunch of candy hounds! 

It ended up being a disappointing shopping trip. Stop 1 we went in and left with nothing, as they had very little to offer. Stop 2 had a few boxes of Fruit by the Foot and  multiple value boxes of chocolates, but all the same. We got some, no one was especially excited about it. Everything they had literally fit on less than one end cap. Stop 3 had a little bit of variety, but still not much and very little savings. We ended up getting some there, but still left a bit disappointed that the “good postholiday deals'' weren't really that great at all.

Is this the new normal for postholiday sales? I could be so far removed from doing the “day after” shopping that I just didn’t notice the change, but I mentioned it to someone else and they said that the sales really aren’t what they have been in recent years, so I feel like I may not be entirely alone in my idea that sales have changed. 

Are there still super good sales and I’m just missing them? Do I need to hurry up and get to stores right when they open in order to cash in on them? Are stores just not stocking as much as they used to, so there truly isn’t a lot left over when the holiday comes to a close? I need a sales-seekers education, I think!

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