Petunia saw a bug crawling across her kitchen floor and promptly screamed for Bunkey. “There’s a cockroach in the kitchen!” she yelled. Bunkey arrived and saw a bug leisurely strolling across the kitchen floor, obviously not a cockroach. This critter was stout, reddish brown with some white markings and about ¾ inches long. The wings made an X across its back. Bunkey picked the insect up and took a look at its belly. It was orange with black stripes, rather attractive, actually. It had slender needle-like mouth parts, large back legs that suggested it might be a type of grasshopper, but he had never seen a grasshopper with what looked like a leaf on its legs. That was the clue he needed. Getting his “bug book” down, he discovered he had a Western Conifer Seed Bug, one of the family of leaf-footed bugs.

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