You are driving down the road, sort of vegging out and you see a ditch full of beautiful wildflowers. Gee. You think to yourself, those would really look pretty in my flowerbed. Hold it, Nelly! Before you get the shovel out, take a good look at how dense these plants really are. If there are just a few, scattered here and there, you may be safe. If they are thick as dog hair, forget about it. Wildflowers have a nasty habit of wanting not only the whole flower bed, but the lawn and then the neighborhood. A lawn-proud neighbor would not appreciate daisies in his perfect lawn. If you have a wild area, that might be O.K. but never put a wildflower in a regular flowerbed and expect it to stay there. The plants that are there may be more well behaved or they may just be getting started in that ditch. If you must dig some, plant them in a spot away from your flower gardens for a few years to see if they are greedy or willing to share.

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