Dayne Adrian Sitladeen

Dayne Adrian Sitladeen, the man arrested by the Minnesota State Patrol after a traffic stop Sunday, was in custody Tuesday morning at a federal detention facility.

“My understanding is that Mr. Sitladeen is being held in a federal jail and that he did make an appearance at federal court yesterday,” Toronto Police Service Sgt. Rob North said Tuesday. 

Assisted by an Otter Tail County deputy, the trooper arrested Sitladeen Interstate 94 on a felony warrant issued by the United States Marshal’s Office. 

According to North, Sitladeen has been wanted for first-degree murder in Toronto since May 14, 2019.

The Toronto police are alleging that Sitladeen and three other individuals were involved in the shooting death of Blain Gerrado Grindley in the Rexdale suburb of Toronto. Two of the men who participated in the shooting subsequently surrendered to the Toronto police and were charged with first-degree murder. A woman was charged with being an accessory after the fact to murder. She was released on bail and later appeared in a Canadian court.

Sitladeen was considered armed and dangerous at the time he fled.

Sgt. North was not able to give details for the motive behind the shooting.

“Because Mr. Sitladeen is going to come before the courts here and I already have two other individuals before the court I am not at liberty to discuss what the motive behind the killing is - just that the killing obviously took place,” North said. 

North said he did not know why the U.S. Marshal’s Office had issued a warrant for Sitladeen’s arrest. North confirmed that Canadian law enforcement officials had contacted Interpol for help in locating Sitladeen in January 2020. 

“We have had some very brief conversations with the investigators from Minnesota,” North said. “My understanding is that he is under investigation for offenses in Minnesota. I do not know what they are.”

North said it is believed that Sitladeen was unemployed before the May 2019 shooting but was considered an up and coming rap music artist in Toronto.

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